Do You know who I am her version

Knock Knock knock bunck dunk bunk

after the 9th coconut fell on myhead. I rose up and said “waryaa, do you know who I am?” from the ashes rose a lioness. She was ready to go to war. I couldn’t believe my ears. Or the hellflames burning within me.

 Oh we were going to fight until the dawn. I am a woman Damn it. I grow, I spread I even birthed your kind. 

I was going to fight until one of us was back to where they came from. The Ground to open up and swallow one of us.

He couldn’t belive his eyes. Just when he thought he tamed her. She rose from the ashes. Taller and wider than ever. Did he just glimpse a river of fire through her eyes? eeessshh…he was terrified. What specie is this? Not a woman she was not. Not a man either… what was this creature puffing and huffing breathing fire?

Where was the sweet little crippling he adored? Where did she disappear to?

Did he just see his life flash in front of him…?

Who is to blame for this awfully terrifying creature? Hmm I wonder…

oh but she didn’t know who he was therefore he thought he could show her. As if they were in the ring and she was Khabib. After few rounds he found out who she was. Damn it, she was un tamed lioness the worst kind of a woman! 

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