Care for you, I will care for me.

I spend alot of time trying to understand or make sense of the actions of some individuals… I have always been curious of the mind. How it is wired. Mine too. I pay attention, ok why did this make me jumpy… I trace it back action for action… So next time I catch myself jumpy I calm myself. Explaining why and the root to the fear arising… “All is well all is well… It is just the scars now. All is in the past.”

I have learned just like the scars on our bodies, that no longer hurt when we run our fingers through them, our minds get scars too. And with time they just come to surface in situations that remind us of that time(s) we got the scars. Other wise we can go for days with no memory of them. Once in a while we see the scars through a reflection… We deal with them Depending on our state of mind. Did you get enough sleep? Are you sick(flu?) are you heartbroken? Are you stressed… But we don’t sleep for days hoping the memories will burn off or our soul will have had enough and leave the vessel… We don’t merely exist… No dear we are alive and we are living. Because we are worthy of Good Life. We know that by now don’t we?!,

And the mind of others… It’s not our duty to rewire them… We have a life to live and world to plant with good seeds. We can’t do all that if we aren’t well and at peace within ourselves.

Care for you

I will care for me

Then we can care for one another.

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