my sisters let us hold our hands in circles

let us say a prayer to our mothers 

may God grant them Jannah 

we are the generation of selflove

we raised our siblings before we had our own offsprings

we have been prepared for this sis

we want love and we have so much to give

but at what cost?

the days of self sacrifice are over

there is no ride or die here

We have learned from our mothers
We have sat by their feet when they got the call… ~ he didn’t buy you a land he married a lil girl from a village ~
We have learned riding for you won’t do you no good
Neither does dying for you…
They need strong women to tell them off when they need humbling
And we need strong men to be confident when we are crying…
We are all learning…
But until we graduate
Let us hold hands and make dua
Say a prayer for our fathers
May God grant them Jannah

And we may we learn to love
In a fruit bearing way
Stripped off all bitterness
But let our love be as sweet as a mango, as sour as the salt and as hot as the spice (basbas)

Take a ready to be eaten kinda mango, pill it, take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it over the mango. Take a pinch of hot powder chili {pilipili or berbere} sprinkle it on the mango. Bon appetite
Obs. Remember to rinse your hands with soap & water. Before & after.

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