Beware * Loud construction sight*

I will be brutally honest with you. This page is under construction. I am under construction so  Have you seen a building built in silence? I have not! And just like the tall building’s ugly construction sights… here is messy, not completely sorted out thougts. I am tearing down years of work for the design and art is nothing suitable for me. I like pink colours. I love flowers left in gardens but I don’t mind cactus flower in my kitchen. 

like construction sights there will be loud voices, loud letters and thoughts to be expressed. I won’t share all with you for somethings are for me to carry. But I will share what I think will perhaps help you too… if you too are yearning to learn how to love yourself and make sense of the madness. If you too are rewiring your mind. I welcome you dear. Let us together unwire our minds and bloom.


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