A fire crying

I think it was the rays of strength she came and went with that got him hooked.

Poor kid, nothing could have prepared him for the sight in front of him. He had never seen a fire crying. How does one comfort fire flames with out getting burned?

If only he had been a bit patient… Beside her laid a blanket soaked in  silent  midnight tears. All he needed to do was wrap it around the fire and sit by it in quite and stillness.

But patience was not in his nature.  So he blew wind on it, even threw liquids from the jar that held secrets only spoken in nightmares. He threw secrets in the fire. Have you even been hit by the weight of your own  nightmares by the hand you intrusted them with? Doesn’t it suck though? Yes it does suck and it stings like burning fire.

   In his defense he came to lay under the sun. Lay by the side of strength. He didn’t sign up for flames in need of comfort. ~ The fire calmed it self as always. And the strength she gained from it all gave her wings. She flew out of his nest.

I heard he is looking at the sun rise ever since. 

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