Beloved friend,

Remember all the times I dropped the pen and took off to far and near? I was looking for my precious jewel… ~ she was robbed. Her name was worthy.

Dear friend

Remember when I showed you a new attendant once in a while through the cracks of my heart? Yes you shook your head. But what does a well fed spirit know about starving one? I was starving for Love. Unable to love myself. For Worthy was still missing have you seen her?

Perhaps this new smile will help me find her.


How could I have known? Only I could call her name for she is custom made tailerd in my name. The robbers didn’t take her but thorn her. Voices from the outside, can’t compare to the sound from within. Worthy, Beloved You are worthy. 

You can’t fetch water with a broken jar… But you can fill the jar with soil and tenderly plant a flower or two…

No water, nor love from outside can mend this jewel. Worthy is becoming priceless decorated with deep love from within.

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