What is potential alone?

 It does not bother her anymore that he was unable to understand the woman within her. Because now she knew her worth.  Oh boy what a dime in the midst of mud he had found. ~ See, she saw the  potentially great man within him. She handed over herself to the potentially good in him. ~

  What is potential with out the heart yearning to heal? Or the mind determined to explore and express, and make space for new knowledge? She remembered all the times she saw potentially good snack in the snacks machine. But with out her putting in coins the machine wouldn’t give her a snack. When did  “potential”  alone ever feed you? But it doesn’t bother her anymore that she was understandable to him… She understands… She knows and she loves herself 🖤🌟~ flaws ~faults~ flowers and all. Love that embraces from deep within. 

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