The hut part 3

Sometimes I understand HOW the storm came in and left with my hut.. it was not used to being silenced… it was not used to being sang to… its owner allowed it to roam and grow as it pleases. I had only my thunder to control ~ which I did. I wasn’t used to speaking either, I learned speaking did I not? I was not used to making eye contact out of respect, now I look at them out of respect for myself. So what is there not be learned? What can’t be unlearned? If you want something bad enough you will climb over mountains for it. The storm was not satiSfied with taking my hut I had built with my tears and blood. No, it wanted my flesh and bones too. This time it went out with all my belongings. But my hut. I took apart my hut and wrapped it thight around my back as I climbed up on the mountain and watched the storm go…  pieces of my table and chair and bed my notebook shred… This time I didn’t climb down for them for All possessions I can gain, but my sanity is not for sale. ~

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