The hut part 1

The hut~

Not big but enough for me. It was how it started. I carry it around not aware of how valuable it is. I see girls my age with houses made of diamond rock. I bless them and walk around with my grass hut. You remember the grasses used to grow on our rooftop? I loved the sight of those huts. Yes, rain came through the holes in my roof. But what can compare with the beautiful sight, sleeping under the African sky full of stars at night? Nothing like the view through holes on my rooftop the holes in my hut.

But no one told me ~ the hut won’t stop winter storms… I was used to summer… I was used to thunder, how many times have I woke up water up to my weights? Water in my hut, floating chairs… grabbed what I could save. went outside and waited for my hut to dry. The ground to soak up the water. Went back in and made my bed. Sat in my chair and wrote blues and praises my notebook on my table. ***********

But winter storm. Winter storm comes in with his own tools. He has a bed of ice, a chair and TV. Winter storm has TV. It won’t go anywhere. But what are humans if not adaptable?

~ Buckle up my hut we are in for a cold ride.

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