my only regret

It is not the times my heart had fallen out my sleeve

you had to pick it up amongst the fallen leaves ~
It is not the long cold tunnel I walked through 

‘the hours spent to make sense of the madness~

or the thorn bush I stumbled upon.

I did take out all the thorns did I not?

except for the one stuck in my fro.

I am working on it though. 

my only regret is not loving you enough through it all. my soul


I didn’t love all the times you said ;

Bridges are easy to cross but going through the tunnel

will make amends

with the madness.

poke the madness ~ get it furious 

make it speak ~ make it Roar.

then make it sing ~

then acceptance will come 

through the tunnel you will make peace with it all. YOU shall be at ease.

I didn’t love you then ~ and that is my only regret* my soul

Un wiring my mind..

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