is it the war?

if only your infant ears heard “you are loved” right after they heard the adhan ~  

wondering about
the mind behind the deeds…
if only the infant ears heard ” you are loved so be love”
right after they heard the adhan,
perhaps then you would be of love
I wonder…
you were once a fragile little being,
did you then fall
from dhabarka Hoyo (mother’s back)
did you hit your head?
did the falling erase the memories of Love?
Did you witness things cruel for the innocent mind?
what made it simple for you 
to be the cause and source of distress? 
why would you be harmful to another soul?
I wonder if the chaos, floods of blood
from the war
are the ones to blame
is it the war who turned your hands into fists?
your eyes into soul fewer holes
your words to hell flames
and your love to poison
is it the war?

but I know someone who witnessed the war
someone who has the scars from the war
someone who loves above and beyond
someone who prays for little girls and boys
walking down the street 
she makes du’as
may they be loved and know of peace from within

ah, perhaps that is what you were lacking…
to know peace… 

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